No inflammatory seed oils
Vegan and keto-friendly
Ingredients sourced from sustainable vendors

Ditch your old trail mix for the berry best sprouted nut mix. Our Cherry Berry Sprouted Nut Medley contains a Uniquely Crunchy™ mix of sprouted almonds, walnuts and cashews paired with antioxidant-rich dried cherries and blueberries. This sprouted nut snack is clean and packed with protein.

Our Process

We put raw nuts through our signature 4-day process, which results in sprouted + dehydrated nuts that are more nutrient dense, easier to digest, and crunchier than raw or roasted nuts. We flavor our snacks with real ingredients — nothing you won’t recognize or can’t pronounce.


Product information


Sprouted Almonds, Sprouted Walnuts, Sprouted Cashews, Dried Upcycled Cherries, Dried Blueberries (w/ Apple Juice Concentrate, Avocado Oil).

All of our ingredients are vegan friendly.

We use minimum to no sugar in all of our flavors.

Empowering every bite with functional ingredients.

We source our ingredients from sustainable sources

Vegan Trail Mix Cookies

These delicious, vegan trail mix cookies are loaded with chocolate chips, mixed nuts, and dried fruit. A sweet and salty twist on classic chocolate chip cookies, this one bowl recipe is dairy-free, eggless, and can easily be made gluten-free. Use our Cherry Berry Nut Medley to get the perfect balance of crunchy almonds, walnuts, cashews, and dried cherries + blueberries. Get Crunching!

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