What Makes Our Sprouted Nuts Special?

Daily Crunch Packaging Process

Uniquely Crunchy

Through a special multi-step process, our almonds are soaked in purified water, activating, germination, or “sprouting.” After “sprouting,” our nuts are left with a hollow core that gives them that uniquely crunchy texture and taste!

Swimming Almond

Helps with Digestion

The soaking process triggers the nuts to shed phytic acid. Phytic acid blocks human digestive enzymes such as pepsin, trypsin (digest proteins) and amylase (breaks down starch) from doing their job.

Exercising Almond

Increased Bioavailability

Big word! Big importance! With the phytic acid gone, our bodies can more readily absorb the natural nutrients in nuts such as calcium, iron, and zinc.

Dehydrated Not Roasted

Roasting at high temperatures destroys many nutrients found in nuts. Our nuts are dehydrated below 150 F so we remove the water but not all the good stuff.

Clean Ingredients

Unlike other nut companies, Daily Crunch nuts offer the crunch without added fats like vegetable or canola oil. We add only the best ingredients to our snacks.