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We founded Daily Crunch Snacks with a mission that mental health and overall health & wellness go hand in hand. What you eat is one of the key ingredients to how you feel on the inside and out.  That’s why we make Daily Crunch Snacks’ products with the highest quality ingredients.  We also believe the time it takes to consider and consume our foods is a good mental cue to take time for ourselves and for our loved ones.  Why nuts? Because why not. Mental health should be as much a part of the fabric of our daily lives as the food we eat. We want our products and recipes to feel like they just came out of your aunt (Diane’s) Kitchen – healthy, wholesome and delicious.  A portion of all Diane’s Kitchen proceeds go to The Support Network, which advocates mental health awareness on college campuses.  Please check out their site if you’d like to see this amazing initiative on your (or loved one’s) campus: https://www.thesupportnetwork.org/

Co-founder and Head Nut

Diane Orley is the Founder of Daily Crunch Snacks and the face behind Diane’s Kitchen. After a career in real estate and years devoted to raising three kids, Orley followed her passion, healthy food, and launched Diane’s Kitchen. She learned the process of sprouting from her sister, who was introduced to the method in India. She was fascinated by their process and loved the finished product – their nuts tasted nothing like raw or roasted nuts we eat here in the United States. Diane began to test out different methods of soaking and dehydrating raw nuts while studying the nutritional properties. She perfected her recipe and began gifting and giving nuts to those in her community every chance she could get. In 2008, her nuts literally sprouted into a homegrown business. Their overwhelming response grew into customers all around the country and the impetus to launch Daily Crunch Snacks. She is committed to the mission of educating people that mental health and overall health & wellness go hand-in-hand, and she’s dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health so we can all live the fullest versions of ourselves. Daily Crunch Snacks is a supporter of The Support Network. A native Texan, Orley now lives in Oakland County, Michigan with her family, and splits her time throughout the year between Texas and Michigan.


Diane Orley


Laurel Orley is CEO and co-founder of Daily Crunch Snacks. With more than 15 years of media and advertising experience, Orley largely oversees the marketing, and strategy of Daily Crunch Snacks. After working 13 years at Mindshare on the Unilever business, she found herself loving the consumer-packaged goods world, but wanting to work for a brand she could create from the ground up. While on the Unilever account, Orley worked on flagship billion dollar brands such as the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and staple brands Dove Men+Care, Hellman’s, Lipton Tea and the Suave portfolio. While working on Dove, Mindshare won the 2011 Media Plan of the Year by Adweek $10 - $25 Million Integrated Category for Dove Men+Care and 2009 Bronze Effie for Dove Go Fresh in Integrated Marketing Services category. In the 2012 listing of the Adweek 50 "people who make the machinery of media, marketing and technology hum", Orley was ranked #20 where Adweek stated ‘She’s like a Velcro wall for Unilever—most everything related to the account sticks to her.” In 2013, she was a Teacher's Assistant for the Executive MBA Program at Columbia University where she taught a channel architecture course. While on maternity leave, she kept finding herself reflecting on how she was so inspired by Diane’s snacks and their differentiating factor in the marketplace. Orley then joined her aunt, and founder of Diane’s Snacks, Diane Orley, to launch Daily Crunch Snacks. Laurel, a New Jersey native, is part of the TedxNashville Society of Fellows and spends her downtime raising her 3 kids with her husband, Ethan in Nashville. She loves eating Nashville Hot Chicken, hiking, and traveling the world.


Laurel Orley

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Stephenson is COO and Co-Founder of Daily Crunch Snacks. Stephenson has experience launching startups along with a strong financial industry background. Upon graduating Vanderbilt University (Cum Laude) with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Stephenson took a position as Chief of Staff for Reagan-economist, Art Laffer, formalizing much of his macro-economic and investment perspective. He later joined the Ingram Barge Company, gaining experience in the finance industry. However, he took his passion for America’s favorite comfort food, macaroni and cheese, and launched Dan’s Gourmet, gaining insight into the start-up business and food world. Dan’s Gourmet originally started as “Mac Pacs” available in the Nashville Farmer’s Market and grew to 6 frozen SKUs at more than 2,500 stores in 35+ states. Known as “Dan the Mac Man,” Stephenson excelled in pitching his brand, scaling up production with co-packers, leading the packaging design and marketing strategy, and charting the strategic direction for the business. In 2012 at the age of 28, Dan was named one of Nashville's Top 30 Under 30. In February 2013, Dan was honored by Mayor Dean as "Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Nashville Downtown Partnership. Soon after, he was named one of Nashville's "Top Forty Under 40" by the Nashville Business Journal. Stephenson is also a regular guest lecturer at Vanderbilt University, Belmont University and Lipscomb University for business and entrepreneurship classes. Dan has used his experience to consult for several promising, young CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies, including Daily Crunch. In March 2020, after a year of getting Daily Crunch ready for launch, Dan joined the team full time as a co-founder and COO (Crunch Oversight Official, clearly). A Cleveland, Ohio native, Stephenson now lives in Nashville with his wife, Mandi, and two Boxers, Dino and Boomer. He loves to travel whenever possible, golf, ski out west, and whip up new creations in the kitchen for friends at their dinner club, “JBW” (Just Bring Wine!).


Dan Stephenson

Social Media Marketing Lead

Jen Reynolds is the social media marketing lead for Daily Crunch Snacks. She creates, posts, oversees and manages all social media content as well as manages influencer and brand partnerships. She serves as the head nut for all things social media related! Reynolds grew up in San Francisco, California and moved to Nashville for her undergraduate studies at Vanderbilt University, where she studied Human and Organizational Development, basically just a fancy term for business. Upon graduation, she decided to pursue a Master’s degree in marketing at the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management for the 2019-2020 year and has been working with Daily Crunch since January. Her wanderlust has taken her around the world to travel to and explore new cities, countries and cultures. She loves spending time outdoors hiking with her friends on the beautiful mountains of Marin County, cooking with her mother in her blue and white kitchen, and being a tourist in her own city. While it's hard to move away from the Golden State, Reynolds hopes to move to New York City in the near future to accomplish a career dream she has had since she was a little girl! 

Jen Reynolds

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