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Our Mission

At Daily Crunch Snacks, we believe that mental health should be as much a part of the fabric of our daily lives as the food we eat. The thoughts and the nutrients you feed your body hold equal influence over your wellbeing. So when you #getcrunching, take some time to evaluate how you’re feeling, disconnect from social media, or take a few deep breaths — whatever taking time for your mental health looks like for you. And it never hurts to check in on a loved one. We hope to make feeding your body with real + healthy foods easier, and to remind you to take time for your mental health.

Giving Back

Diane lost her son, George, to mental illness and dedicates much of her time and energy to reducing the stigma around mental health. In support of Diane and our mission, a portion of all Daily Crunch Snacks proceeds go to The Support Network, which advocates mental health awareness on college campuses. Check out their site if you’d like to see this amazing initiative on your (or your loved one’s) campus.

The Support Network