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FREE shipping on orders $50 or more! Get 15% off your order if you sign up for our newsletter!
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The 15 Best Healthy Snacks And Sips To Pack On Your Next Road Trip

As coronavirus cases decline and restrictions lift across the country, we’re feeling more optimistic than ever as head into suammer. And what better way to celebrate the sunny season than with a road trip? So whether you’re craving a gluten-free cracker or a canned craft cocktail (for passengers only, obviously), ahead are 15 healthy snacks and sips listed alphabetically that’ll brighten up your travels for months to come.


Diane’s Kitchen Daily Crunch Snacks Just Sprouted Almonds

Plain almonds are the go-to choice for healthy snackers across the world, but turns out – there’s a way to unlock even more flavor and health from them. And that’s with sprouting in water. The result? Almonds that boast even more hearty crunch, digestiblity, and nutrition.

AfterGlow Cherry Sour Hard Kombucha

From Aqua Vitea, one of the country’s most reputable kombucha brands, comes this organic hard version just in time for summer. Combining everything you love about hard seltzer and kombucha, they’re pleasingly fizzy with zippy flavors, natural probiotics, and just enough alcohol to take the edge off a hard day without knocking you out.

AHA Raspberry+Acai Sparkling Water

Even if you haven’t seen the new TV commercials starring comedians Lauren Lapkus and Colton Dunn, you’ll understand why they’re gushing (or more accurately, dropping the word "aha" as much as possible) over Coca-Cola’s first new brand in over ten years. The cans are inviting and colorful, and there’s lots of carbonation. Plus, the flavors like are bold and unexpected, like the new Raspberry+Acai.

Athletic Brewing Co. Daypack Blood Orange Hop-Infused Seltzer

Turns out: hops, the little cone-shaped flowers that lend beers their pleasantly bitter taste and floral aroma, are just as distinctive when incoporated into seltzers. And in this, the addition of bright and tangy blood orange balances out the hops for a crisp and invigorating drink with no calories or sugar.

Aura Bora Lemongrass Coconut Sparkling Water

It’s tough to believe that something so thirst-quenching and unique tasting can have zero calories. That’s how satisfying this herbal-based sparkling water is. While it’s lovely drinking as is, the creamy coconut and citrusy lemongrass flavors make it just as good mixed in cocktails and zero-proof drinks.

Bada Bean Bada Boom in Sweet Sriracha

Finally, a savory snack that ticks all the boxes. They’re wonderfully crunchy, thanks to being roasted in sunflower flower (as opposed to fried). They’re low in calories, and nutritionally dense with fiber and protein to keep your hunger at bay. And the sweet sriracha flavor is downright irresistible. So before you know it, you’ll be peering into the bottom of an empty bag.

Banana Wave Non-Dairy Banana Milk

Being sensitive to dairy, I’m a fan of all the plant-based alt milks out there. But this one tastes so singularly spectacular it almost feels decadent. Blended with bananas and oat milk, it’s smooth, creamy, and subtly sweet. Drinking right out of the carton is a no-brainer, but try adding it to cereal and coffee for an unexpected treat.

Bella Sun Luci Teriyaki & Cracked Pepper

This plant-based snack has everything I love about beef jerky (flavor, texture, and portability) with nothing I don’t (excess salt and preservatives). And what’s the key to its success? Whole sun-dried tomatoes, which surprisingly recreates the same satisfying chew and chaseable, umami-packed flavor as its meaty counterparts.

Brazi Bites Garlic Asiago Brazilian Cheese Bread

If you’ve ever been to Brazil, you understand the simple pleasures of pão de queijo, small cheese rolls typically eaten for breakfast or as a snack. And this handy bag makes it a breeze to enjoy them anytime you want. They’re cheesy, garlicky, and delightfully gooey and chewy – thanks to gluten-free tapioca flour.

Brew Dr. Love Kombucha

When it comes to kombucha, why not drink something that tastes wonderful and does something wonderful for the planet, too? That’s the thinking behind this uniquely floral and herbaceous kombucha by the Portland-based brand. Crafted with lavender, chamomile, and jasmine green tea, 1% of this flavor’s revenues are being donated to The Trevor Project.

Canteen Spirits Vodka Soda in Pineapple

Canned cocktails radically shifted drinking culture with their convenience and drinkability. But since many are made with cheap malt liquor and artifical sweeteners, Canteen Spirits unveiled a line of zero-sugar and zer0-carb vodka sodas in 2019. Unsurprisingly, they were an instant hit. And the brand’s newest flavor, pineapple, is primed to be just as popular for hot-weather sipping.

Cantina Grapefruit Paloma Tequila Soda

From the founders of Canteen Spirits, the Austin-based company specializing in quality RTD cocktails, comes Cantina. But instead of vodka, they’re now putting the spotlight on tequila. Clocking in just 99 calories per can with zero sugar and one gram of carbs, the Grapefruit Paloma is refreshing, balanced, and not sweet at all.

Carbone Marinara Sauce

If you’ve had trouble scoring a table at New York’s Carbone, you’re not alone. So to help you recreate its nostalgic, old-school flavors at home, the buzzy restaurant just unveiled a collection of versatile tomato sauces. The marinara is exceptionally rich with a slow-cooked state (and no added sugar), and works beautifully in travel-friendly pasta salads.

Clio Snacks Strawberry Granola & Greek Yogurt Parfait Bar

Next time you’re craving something sweet but nothing too heavy, unwrap one of these new refrigerated bars. They’re layered with crunchy granola and creamy cheesecake Greek yogurt, and enrobed in even more Greek yogurt. They’re definitely sweet, but not overly so, making them perfect for noshing on any time of day.

Cool Beans Tikka Masala Plant-Based Wrap

At long last, a frozen burrito that ticks all the boxes. It’s wallet-friendly. It’s ready to eat after a few quick minutes in the microwave or air fryer. It’s perfect for all kinds of eaters, including those who are vegan and gluten-free. But most importantly: it’s scrumptious, conjuring up the savory-spicy-sweet flavors of my favorite Indian dish.

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