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Get 15% off with code FIRSTCRUNCH15 and receive FREE SHIPPING on orders $40 or more!
Get 15% off with code FIRSTCRUNCH15 and receive FREE SHIPPING on orders $40 or more!
Get 15% off with code FIRSTCRUNCH15 and receive FREE SHIPPING on orders $40 or more!

Women Owned Business Month at Daily Crunch

The idea and innovation of Daily Crunch originated in Diane Orley’s kitchen. After Diane learned of the  soaking process from India through her sister, she loved making sprouted nuts and...

The idea and innovation of Daily Crunch originated in Diane Orley’s kitchen. After Diane learned of the  soaking process from India through her sister, she loved making sprouted nuts and dried fruit for her friends and family. She took the process a step further by dehydrating the nuts at low temperatures to create the ultimate crunch. During the holiday season one year, Laurel took the nuts back home with her on the plane and couldn’t get enough of the flavor and unique crunch. Laurel immediately called Diane and pitched the idea of making this into a full fledged brand. Diane and Laurel got to work to build Daily Crunch from the ground up.

Their hard work and creativity has attracted an amazing team since their launch in March 2020. As we celebrate National Women's Small Business Month here at Daily Crunch, we interviewed our team to understand what they have valued in their time working for a Women Owned Certified company through  WBENC

Laurel Orley (CEO/Co-Founder)

“Being a  Women Owned Certified founder isn’t about getting a certification to slap on packaging. It’s about elevating women leaders in all industries. It's about meeting other female CPG founders and growing and learning together. It's about nurturing our female interns so they can go out into the world and know that they can do anything and become strong women leading industries across multiple sectors. It's about telling our consumers that we are building a women-owned company and connecting with them on a level beyond just the product. Being a female founder also allows me to set an amazing and powerful example for my young daughter. My daughter is able to see me everyday trying to grow this business and can see first hand how to be a leader in her future. I'm so proud to be a female founder and tell our story through our journey.“


Diane Orley (Co-Founder)

"When I grew up in the 80’s and graduated college, I felt societal pressure to get married and raise a family. A career was secondary and not expected. Two of my three sisters were doctors. Woman have come such a long way since then. We are role models for our daughters (mine is a pediatric resident!) and change the landscape of what working in and out of the home looks like. I’m beyond proud to have co founded this company with Laurel. It makes me feel so good to wake up everyday and have a purpose and to provide healthy snacks to our customers.  And to donate proceeds to a subject so close to my heart…mental health."

Dan Stephenson (COO/Co-Founder)

"At Daily Crunch, every day I get to be inspired and challenged by the women around me who are helping bring our young brand to life. A strong team has people with differing backgrounds, opinions and beliefs as well as skill sets that compliment each other. Getting to learn from two amazing female co-founders has made not only our brand incredibly dynamic but significantly improved my business IQ and EQ. "


Grace Runnels (Brand and Content Marketing Lead)

“I have loved working for and with women to grow something we all believe in. Laurel and Diane are driven and confident while also empathetic in their leadership, fostering a truly unique environment — one that is collaborative, inspiring, and exciting. They’re as willing to challenge me as they are to support me. The way they care about each of us, outside of our roles at Daily Crunch, has made our dynamic more family-like than anything else. Ultimately, I’m really grateful to grow alongside such kind + visionary women.” 


Kenzie Steel (Omnichannel Marketing Director) 

“In order for a start-up to grow and flourish, it starts with the people. Laurel and Diane have created an atmosphere that promotes creativity as well as intellectual challenge. Laurel and Diane have been incredible leaders that encourage me everyday to work hard and be kind. They have shown me that striving for success and pushing the boundaries creates an opportunity for growth. Sometimes (most times!) the start-up world is full of unknowns and struggles, but both of these women have handled the ambiguity with grace. I am so proud to work for a women-owned company that I look up to!” 


Caroline Pratt (Marketing Associate)

“Supporting women in leadership has always been my passion. After a 10-year career in politics, focused on electing women to public office, I am beyond thrilled to work for a certified woman-owned start-up. Daily Crunch has given me the opportunity not only to continue pursuing my passion but also to learn so much from its two incredible leaders, Laurel and Diane. Working at a woman-owned company means I have bosses that I relate to and role models I look up to. It is important for women of all ages to see themselves represented in leadership of every industry, and Daily Crunch gives me that opportunity.”

Barrett Guttell (PR Graduate Intern)

“Working for a female-founded company has been inspiring. Laurel and Diane are everything that I hope to become one day as a leader. They are passionate about not only their products but the people that they surround themselves with at Daily Crunch. Laurel and Diane are breaking the boundaries within their industry and are true advocates for clean and healthy products. They have been a complete joy to work for at Daily Crunch!” 


Maya Diaz (Social Media Manager)

“It’s extremely inspiring! I recently learned that there are more CEOs with the name ‘John’ than there are female CEOs altogether. In a world still so predominantly run by men, it’s incredible to be led by two powerful women.”

As we continue to grow and build this business, we want you as the consumer to know that we are focused on providing healthy ingredients, satisfying flavors and bettering your overall health. Thank you so much for your support in this venture! 




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