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March 31, 2021 2 min read


As an elite athlete, I’m always appreciative of a snack that’s both tasty AND good for me. Daily Crunch sprouted almonds have been able to check both of those boxes and make a really good go-to when I’m in need of a pick me up. Here are a few reasons why I think sprouted almonds make a great snack, either before a run or after.


First and foremost, I like a snack that’s easy for me to take on the go. Being able to have something to eat that’s handy while I’m either stuck in traffic before a workout, or stuck in traffic again after a workout is important. Daily Crunch’s grab-n-go bags are perfect for this. Whether I’m headed to weights or a session on the track, these snack size bags make it easy to get fuel in while on the go making them the most convenient snack.

Protein Protein Protein

If there’s one thing my coach has instilled in me, it’s to make sure I’m getting enough protein. After the kind of workouts I’m engaging in day in and day out, it’s so important to repair those little tears in the muscle with protein as soon as possible. Having a pack of almonds ready to go in my bag make it easy to start the recovery process a workout. In just one grab-n-go pack of Daily Crunch, I can get up to 10g of protein and I know I would be making coach proud.

The Perfect Pair

In addition to nuts, I love snacking on fruits. However, over the years I’ve learned that it’s best to pair a high sugar snack like fruit with a source of protein. This is where almonds come into play. By pairing the two, I’m getting multiple nutrients in while also staying on top of my protein. My favorite combo is Greek yogurt and sliced strawberries, with almonds and some honey drizzled on top.

Almonds = Antioxidants

I wasn’t aware of this before, but after reading the February blog, I found out that almonds are a fantastic source of antioxidants. Without enough antioxidants and with too many free radicals, the body can enter a state of oxidative stress. As an elite athlete engaging in intense exercise, I run the risk of excessive free radical formation and therefore oxidative stress, so keeping up my antioxidant levels is key. Almonds provide a great way to do that.

All in all, almonds are a great snack choice before, after, and even during a workout. They’re loaded with antioxidants, are an easy way to up your protein intake, and even better, Daily Crunch makes it so convenient with their grab-n-go bags. Next time you’re wondering what to snack on pre or post workout, consider sprouted almonds and thank me later!