July 21, 2020 2 min read

The Daily Crunch Effect

           As an eager and hungry graduate student looking to develop my knowledge and experience in consumer packaged goods (CPG), Daily Crunch Snacks gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into my love for CPG. Since early January, I have worked alongside some of the most passionate and creative leaders I have encountered in my professional work experience. Veterans in the CPG field, they have taught me what it takes to develop and build a brand and product from sourcing ingredients to getting product in consumer’s hands. Soon I will be moving out of my internship and into full-time work, and there are three valuable lessons Daily Crunch has taught me that will make me successful in my future career.

  1. Live Like A Student:Having zero CPG experience going into my internship with Daily Crunch, everyday has been a new learning experience. I’ve luckily been able to wear many different hats and take on responsibilities you wouldn’t get at a larger corporation. I’ve learned everything from sales forecasting, digital advertising, brand storytelling, sourcing and operations management. By having the willingness to try new tasks and get out of my comfort zone, I’ve become a better businessman and co-worker.
  2. Be Passionate About Your Work:Starting a new business is already a challenging feat. Starting a new business during Covid-19 is an even harder feat. If not for the immense passion and strong work ethic of our leadership team, we would not be where we are today. In order to do something to the best of your ability, you must have passion and love what you do to get the return on your investment. Passion is the foundation which drives the Daily Crunch brand.
  3. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work:The Daily Crunch team is filled with talented individuals who all bring insight and creativity into the brand. Everyone takes other’s opinions seriously and no idea is too far out of reach. One of my favorite parts of our week is our Thursday brainstorm where we get to fire off new ideas and challenges for how we can grow the brand. Some of our ideas from these brainstorms will stick with the brand forever.

I have no doubt that living by these three lessons will make not only me, but any student or business owner successful. Working at Daily Crunch has made a significant impact on my professional career, and one that I will be forever grateful for.

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