July 12, 2021 2 min read

As the world starts to open back up, we are all getting the itch to travel internationally again.  I recently took some (much needed) time off to re-set, re-charge and relax, where my husband and I traveled to Croatia.  While the world may have changed the past 16 months, international food on flights has not.  There are very limited food options on 8+ duration flights that can also include layovers in hub airports that just sell overpriced chocolate and candy in their gift shops.  PRO TIP – Bring your own snacks with you when you fly internationally!  Below is a list of my top snack picks to bring on your next international flight.  These snacks will help fuel your body and mind so you end up feeling ‘ready to go’ when you land at 6am after doing a red eye!

#1 Pick: Daily Crunch Cherry Berry Mix – This was my savior, not only on my flight but on my 3+ hour car ride we took from the airport to the coast of Istria, Croatia.  I had it in my breakfast in the morning and as a snack in my many car rides along the coast as well.  Website for $21.99/3 pack: CHERRY BERRY SPROUTED NUT MEDLEY - Daily Crunch Snacks

#2 Pick: Bada Bean, Bada Boom Sweet Sriracha – This was a must have when I started feeling hungry on the plane.  It’s important to have snacks with protein, but aren't boring.

#3 Pick: Barnana Dark Chocolate Cookie Brittle – I have a sweet tooth but need to have something light that won’t bring my energy level down . The Barnana Brittle was the perfect light, airy and sweet bite to satisfy my sweet tooth but also keep me feeling good.

#4 Pick: Sliced Apples and Oranges – At the end of the day, fresh fruit is the best snack to top off any protein packed snacks and keep you feeling great. 

#5 Unite Protein Bars - You always need to bring a protein bar with you on your flight and Unite Protein bars is my go-to.  The peanut butter and jelly is my favorite flavor and hit the spot as my breakfast on the flight.

#6 Prevail Jerky - You always need a jerky (vegan or non!) to bring on your flight as well and my favorite is Prevail.  They taste delicious and have clean ingredients.  I like the Umami flavor the best.

#7 Pick: Bubble Gum – While this isn’t exactly a snack, I always bring a pack of gum with me on the airplane.  Chewing makes you less hungry from eating the ‘what taste like 3 day old’ airplane bread.

The only mistake I made on the trip was eating all the snacks before my flight home. I was left with eating the airplane food on the way home, which tasted like day old pizza and make me feel blah when I landed.  The Ben & Jerry’s ice cream they served was a plus, but it just wasn’t the same as a healthy protein packed snack to keep you feeling good.  Clearly, I’m still a little rusty with traveling internationally but now I know better for my next international flight in December!  Enjoy your summer travels! - Laurel

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