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June 29, 2020 2 min read

Snacking as a fourth meal is here to stay

There are as many diets as many people on Earth but one thing is for sure, you won’t pass by a shelf with some delicious snack indifferently. Snacking has become a worldwide phenomenon but eating four meals is quite natural. Don’t we all remember snacks being packed to school by our parents? And then snacking just after returning to home? Dive with us into marvelous world of snacks and learn more!

Snacking: a new way of eating?

A government survey „What we eat in America” from 2008 told us that we are snacking a lot more than in 1978. During 30 years percentage of adults who snacks increased from 59 percent to 90 percent. And that’s not all! On overall, nowadays we get about 25 percent of our calories from snacks which means that snacks are not just treats anymore, they became an important meal. People have more busy lives that ever and often they just not have enough time to eat a proper dinner. As a result, snacks are more and more popular. Additionally, they are easy to buy or prepare and in the same time they can be very nutritious.

Healthy snacks? No problem!

Nearly every American citizen eat a snack during a day and that’s a good thing. Many nutritionists say that eating smaller portions but more frequently is much healthier that eating big, three courses meals. Of course it doesn’t mean that from now on you can eat snacks full of sugar, fat and salt without any remorse. Quite the opposite! Instead of chips and a large soda try to snack healthier. Eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts and for the drink prepare a delicious smoothie in home, it’s very easy! Remember also about keeping near you some portable snacks in case of a big hunger attack during shopping or traveling.

Celebrate love for snacking with… more snacking!

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