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May 03, 2021 2 min read

Best Healthy Snacks for Traveling!

Best Healthy Snacks for Traveling!

The world is starting to feel “normal” (finally) and people are beginning to travel more frequently with the protection of the COVID-19 vaccine. The stress that comes with preparing and packing for a trip, whether you have a family or you’re flying solo (literally), is enough in and of itself. You’re already anxious about potentially forgetting important belongings and getting to the airport on time, so why would you want to worry about what you’re going to eat while waiting at the gate or hungry on the plane?

When I go on a trip, I’m all about healthy travel snacks that will fuel me through a long plane ride and day, so I’ve rounded up my favorite crunchy, savory and sweet snacks that I know you’ll love too. 


  • Daily Crunch Snacks
    • Raw nuts are always served on a plane, but you don’t want to devour the bag and only find yourself with stomach pain! Try our superfood-infused sprouted nut snacks. Our soaking and dehydrating process makes our nuts easier to digest, more nutrient dense, and Uniquely Crunchy. A protein-packed, vegan and gluten free snack you won’t want to forget to toss in your bag while running out the door. 
  • Bare Snacks
    • Another crunchy snack made with simple, real ingredients. Bare slices and bakes their fruits and veggies to crunchy perfection. You’ll feel great eating them, and you have the option to go sweet or savory with their fruit or veggie chips option.
  • Biena Snacks 
    • We love Biena, a healthy alternative to chips when you want a protein-packed, high fiber snack that’s still crunchy! These chickpea snacks can be eaten straight out of the bag, or added to any meal you find at the airport. A must-try!  


  • Sabra Hummus & Pretzels 
    • Sabra Snackers makes snacking easy with pre-portioned snacks to bring with you on the go! If you’re looking for a more filling, protein-filled snack, this is a great option for you. 
  • Hippeas 
    • When I’m not snacking on Daily Crunch, I’m having Hippeas chickpea puffs! These plant-powered, organic snacks are so delicious, light and airy. My favorite flavors are vegan white cheddar and himalyan happiness - you’ve gotta try them!


  • Dried Mango
    • You can find dried mango at just about any grocery store, and it’s the perfect healthy but sweet snack when you want a little extra fiber. Rich in antioxidants, immune boosting, and packed with iron and Vitamin A.
  • Fresh Fruit +Justin’s Almond Butter Packet
    • You’re bound to be able to find fresh fruit in one of the airport stores, so pack a single serving Justin’s almond butter packet to pair with it! This is one of my favorite healthy snacks and a great source of protein. Easy to eat on the go and mess-free!
  • SmartSweets
    • Craving candy but don’t want a sugar rush? Try SmartSweets! Plant-based, naturally flavored, guilt-free candy! They have healthy alternatives to all of your childhood favorites: Sweet Fish, Gummy Worms, Gummy Bears, Sourmelon Bites... the list goes on. 

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