Daily Crunch | Sprouted Nut Snacks | Uniquely Crunchy | Easier to Digest

1. Try Daily Crunch

We'll send you a starter pack with 3 of our 6 flavors including: Turmeric + Sea Salt, Cherry Berry Medley and Coffee + Coconut Medley. Just cover shipping.

Daily Crunch | Sprouted Nut Snacks | Uniquely Crunchy | Clean Ingredients

2. Upack and Enjoy

Once your snacks arrive, give them a taste test and determine your favorite flavor(s). Don't worry, you are not locked into any subscription or commitment to repurchase.

Daily Crunch | Sprouted Nut Snacks | Uniquely Crunchy |Easier to Digest

3. Love Daily Crunch

If you love our sprouted almond snacks, we would love for you to come back and restock on your favorite flavors. If you don't love our products, no worries. We would love for you to tell your healthy friend who may find us delicious!

Is there any subscription?

Nope, zero subscription required.

What in the world is a sprouted almond?

We take raw almonds, soak them overnight to remove the anti-nutrient phytic acid, this allows your body to fully absorb that an almond has to offer. We then dehydrate the almonds at low temperatures to create a satisfying CRUNCH with every bite. 

Do these really taste good?

We sure think so, plus we have thousands of customers enjoying our snacks daily! Everyone can find their favorite from our 6 delicious flavors!

Where do I find my discount code?

The discount code is provided to you within the Vizer app.

When is the best time to enjoy Daily Crunch?

Breakfast over some yogurt, over your salad, afternoon snack, post workout, after dinner treat… the possibilities are endless!

Other than the snack, why is Daily Crunch so great?

Daily Crunch is on a mission to provide a snack that not only tastes good, but makes you feel good. We want your body and mind to be as healthy as possible. To stand by what we believe in, a portion of our proceeds are donated to The Support Network, a mental health non-profit that provides peer to peer counseling for college students. We are also a women owned (WBENC Certified) company!