July 27, 2021 2 min read

How To Make A Healthy Snack Board

How To Make A Healthy Snack Board

Gone are the days when fancy food boards were limited to cheese and charcuterie!

Snack boards of all kinds have skyrocketed in popularity because they are easy to assemble, great for groups, customizable for guests’ individual health preferences, and amazingly Instagram-able. Along with the rise in snack boards came the rise in health-focused snacking, opening the door for companies like Daily Crunch Snacks to provide delicious and nutritious alternatives to highly processed potato chips. Our sprouted nut snacks are the perfect addition to balance your board with a protein-packed crunch that pairs perfectly with your favorite treat. 

Whether you are hosting friends for a cocktail party, hosting family for a game night, entertaining your kids for a movie night, or relaxing with your partner for a date night, a beautiful snack board will elevate the evening and satisfy all your cravings. The best part? It takes less than 10 minutes. Here’s how:

  • First, pick up your favorite candies and treats from the grocery or convenience store. Try to include savory, sweet, sour, and spicy options to crush any craving, but stock up whatever your heart desires!
  • Second, grab as many small dishes as you can find and arrange them on a tray, cutting board, or sheet plan.
  • Third, fill the dishes with your favorite ingredients.
  • Fourth, serve! Provide bowls for trail-mix style boards or plates for grazing-style boards.
  • TIP: Save the packaging from your candies and treats so you can pour any leftovers right back in. Or provide Ziplock bags and encourage guests to take their favorites homes.

At Daily Crunch Snacks, we love the customizability of snack boards because we understand that people have unique taste and health preferences. We celebrate that individuality by making sprouted nuts snacks to satisfy every craving and compliment any flavor. If you’re considering making a snack board of your own, try some of our favorite pairings so far:

  • Movie Night Board: Cacao + Sea Salt Sprouted Almonds, popcorn, candy
  • Summer Heat Board: Cherry Berry Nut Medley, ice cream, cake cones, chocolate syrup
  • Cocktail Board: Golden Goodness Sprouted Almonds, cheese, charcuterie, crackers
  • Breakfast Board: Coffee-Soaked Sprouted Almonds, yogurt, fruit, bagels
  • Energy Bag: Just Sprouted Almonds, granola, dried fruit

What will you put on your board? Whatever you choose, get crunching!

P.S. – sometimes, the thought of cooking dinner can be overwhelming after a long day. That’s ok. Snack boards are a great alternative when the thought of an hour in the kitchen is too exhausting to bear. They’re easy to assemble, even easier to clean, and turn a stressful evening into a relaxing movie night in fewer than 5 minutes. Give your mind a break and your body a treat when you need to. We support you.

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